Video Marketing Builds Brands

Building a brand in today’s market takes a lot of talent and tools. Video marketing has eased the path for many successful brands. 100 million internet users watch online video daily. By 2017, online video content will make up 70% of all internet traffic. Senior executives as well as most online consumers are showing a preference for short explanatory videos that cover pertinent products and services. Visitors who view videos on websites stay two minutes longer than on sites that don’t have video.

Today’s share comes from Yeah! Local. While it addresses the need to focus your brand on mobile engagement, video inclusion and high conversion rates…there’s something else. 70% of marketers say that video converts better than any other tool they have in their arsenal. Well, brands are built by repeat conversion and targeted traffic prominence. While the infographic doesn’t offer direct strategies on how to build a brand. It shows the basic facts behind the need and successful implementation of such a project. Video marketing builds brands by giving consumers a reason and need for engagement. If you have a product they can use and information that no one else has, the consumers will be driven to your product and/or service’s website.

Video Marketing Builds Brands, inforgaphic

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