B2B Tech Buyers Want Video

B2B Video Marketing effectiveness is increasing across the board. Videos on business landing pages increase conversions up to 80%. Everyone is using video and the market penetration has begun! But, how does your business find the right buyer? A fair share of modern businesses are after tech buyers. Whether it’s servers, security suites or software platforms; marketing plans live or die by finding the right tech buyers to move said product/service. 4 out of 10 of these tech buyers are only using mobile platforms to research their interests. Whereas 95% of tech buyers are watching targeted videos regardless of viewing method.

Today’s share comes from IDG. A lot of the material recapitulates talking points that Autodemo has covered before. But, it’s wonderful to have an overview collected in one locale. Especially due to the survey of actions taken after B2B video viewing by said tech buyers. The Echo Effect Study cited in the infographic has illustrated that research and conversions go hand-in-hand. 2 out of 3 tech buyers fall into a targeted sales funnel that allows for B2B leads to increase. But, video must be present on a site to continue the process. As previously mentioned, Autodemo has covered the matter before in a blog. Take the information found at Autodemo and begin hammering out your marketing plan with us.

B2B Tech Buyers Want Video, infographic

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