Video Marketing Is Taking over the World

Video is taking over the world. Online video consumption by consumers has increased 800% over the last six years. Newer statistics are showing that these same consumers are now watching 180 videos per month. The need to incorporate video into your business marketing plan is now. Now that 2016 is half over, new information is rolling in and it’s continuing to paint a positive picture for consumer video engagement. So, if video marketing is taking over the world…then what can it do for you?

Today’s share comes from iStock. Internet users spend 88% more time on sites with video. Engagement is key when dealing with the online customer base, as you’re trying to catch purchasing power in a battle. As ad spend continues to grow for video marketing, your marketing dollars matter more when you cut directly to consumer appeal. The infographic is the best elevator pitch for a current snapshot of video marketing. The consumer base is there and they’ve steadily abandoned other venues for the instant response of video. 4.6 billion video ads are watched annually now and the engagement rate shows no signs of declining. If your customers have gone to video, then why hasn’t your business? To research the issue further, Autodemo has the following blogs for you to view here and here.

Video Marketing Is Taking over the World, infographic

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